Saskatchewan Residents

Saskatchewan does not offer an apprenticeship for Concrete Finisher.


So how do I become an apprentice in Saskatchewan, if the "Concrete Finisher" is no longer a recognized trade in Sask?

Can you point me in the right direction?

Once the apprentice is registered, she or he is responsible for:

  1. You first need to register through the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship board to become a Concrete Finisher in Alberta. 
  2. Different zones and districts have different codes, therefore you need to get the applicable code through Saskatchewan Apprenticeship board. 
  3. They will monitor your Blue book and hours.  Schooling/training will then be done in Alberta.
  4. For further information, Doug Harbak, Trades Certification Officer, Advanced Education and Technology Edmonton, Alberta.
    Tel 780-422-6939 Email: or


Contact George at the Local222 Training Center in Edmonton Alberta for complete information.