Why labour monopolies won't work in B.C.

If you happen to be a construction worker in British Columbia, odds are you’ve been left out of the NDP’s new labour deal for public infrastructure projects.

On July 16, Premier John Horgan announced that the B.C. government reached an agreement with the newly created Allied Infrastructure and Related Construction Council, a conglomerate of some of the International Building Trade Unions (BTU), to effectively cut those who are not members of the BTU out of public construction projects.

This is no small group the premier has decided to alienate — roughly 85 per cent of construction workers will be left out in the cold with this deal.

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BTA Launches the Apprenticeship Support & Knowledge Centre (ASK)

Many apprentices find the apprenticeship process so difficult that they don’t complete their training.

That’s why ASK is here.The Apprenticeship Support & Knowledge Centre’s mission is to assist apprentices in the Building Trades to progress in, and complete their apprenticeships. ASK might be able to help make the apprenticeship process a little easier for you.

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Responsible Use of Social Media

The use of social media has many positive benefits however, we must be aware that using social media for work and in our personal lives can also cause negative impact.

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