Unions Leaders meet with Justin Trudeau

Across the country, Canadas unions have focused their efforts in securing a larger share of work on infrastructure projects.

Canada’s Building Trades Unions met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa on Monday, to discuss introducing “community benefit agreements” at a federal level.

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Expanding the Trans Mountain Pipeline Will benefit all Canadians

Premier Rachel Notley recently said of the Keep Canada Working campaign:

"This is a national conversation, it has national implications for our economy, it has national implications for jobs, and it has national implications for the decision-making process. So it makes sense that we develop a national consensus on it."

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BTA Launches the Apprenticeship Support & Knowledge Centre (ASK)

Many apprentices find the apprenticeship process so difficult that they don’t complete their training.

That’s why ASK is here.The Apprenticeship Support & Knowledge Centre’s mission is to assist apprentices in the Building Trades to progress in, and complete their apprenticeships. ASK might be able to help make the apprenticeship process a little easier for you.

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