Cement Mason

With Construction needs in Alberta growing so is the Cement Masonry field. Learn more about this exciting career.

Plasterer Fireproofer

Plasterer Fireproofer is one of the quickly rising career markets in Alberta for 2018 - 2028. Learn more about this career.

Safety Training

Safety Training and Safety Certification Programs – Learn more about the safety training courses offered at the our Training Center.

November 7th Vote Results

Cement Masons - 34 YES to 14 NO 
Plasterers - 35 YES to 32 NO

Read the Collective Agreements Ratification Vote Results


CSTS 2020

CSTS 2020 which will be the new requirement for most work sites.

CSTS 09 is being upgraded to a new version: CSTS 2020 which will be the new requirement for most work sites.

Members can upgrade to CSTS 2020 for FREE thought the Alberta Construction Safety Association only until December 30, 2019. The Member cost of the course after December 30, 2019 will be approx. $50.00

To take the course, log in to your account at The Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA): http://www.youracsa.ca/courses/csts2020/

You do not need a coupon code to get the CSTS courses and the Add-on Modules for FREE. Prices are adjusted to FREE and will reflect accordingly in your Shopping Cart.

If you need help with accessing your ACSA account, please contact the ACSA directly – do not contact the training center for ACSA account issues as we can not access your account.

Complete details online at - youracsa.ca 

Download the CSTS 2020 Information Sheet


Social Media Should Be Used Responsibly

Please Choose your words carefully - each of us is responsible for the words we print – on paper, in email, or on social media or other websites.

Take a moment and review our guidelines before posting your next online submission.

More Info available here


The OPCMIA International is proud to announce the "OPCMIA – Value Driven" Commercial.

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Union meeting dates for 2018 are as follows: October 13th, November 3rd and December 1st. Check back as these dates can change.

Meetings occur the first Saturday of the month unless it's a long weekend. In the event of a long weekend meeting the meeting will occur the following Saturday.