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I, the undersigned, of my own free will and accord, respectfully make Application for Membership as stated above and hereby declare the above to be a true statement of facts and if at any time it should be proven otherwise, the Local Union/International has the right to cancel my membership and all monies paid forfeited.

If this membership application is accepted, I also hereby authorize the Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ International Association of the United States and Canada and its local unions to act for me as my exclusive collective bargaining representative in all matters pertaining to wages, hours and other conditions of employment, with my current employer, as well as all other employers for whom I may become employed after this date, on all present and future job sites.

I understand that this card may be used to obtain recognition from my current or future employer without an election. This authorization is non-expiring, binding and valid until such time as I revoke it by notice in writing to both my local union and the OP&CMIA.

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